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Rest-house SvegenOne Star Sredna Gora, Bulgaria
Svegen Rest-house

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Archaeological museum Maritsa-Iztok

The Archaeological Museum Maritsa-Iztok was founded in 1992 on the basis of the archaeological stock of the former Museum of the Power Industry of the Maritsa-Iztok. Its chief goal is the organization and conduction of all rescue archaeological research in the region of the Maritsa-Iztok power- producing complex. Before the museum's foundation, all archaeological research in the region was carried out by the historical museums of Stara Zagora and Nova Zagora. The beginning was laid…

Fun Time

A police officer arrests two tramps.

"Where do you live", he asks.

"Nowhere" the first one answers.

"And you?" the police officer asks the second one.

"We are neighbours..."

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