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The village of Arbanassy is situated some 3-4 km from Veliko Tarnovo, on a plateau at 400m above sea level. The oldest document proving its existence is the royal decree of Sultan Mahmud II from 1810, that renewed 10 older decrees. There it was mentioned that in 1538 Suleyman the Great made a gift to his son-in-law Rustem Pasha the villages of the Arbanasses, including the village of Arbanassy, hosting that year 236 families.

There are no exact data for the origin and…

Fun Time

A completely inebriated man was stumbling down the street with one foot on the curb and one foot in the gutter. A cop pulled up and said, "I've got to take you in, pal. You're obviously drunk."

Our wasted friend asked, "Officer, are ya absolutely sure I'm drunk?"

"Yeah, buddy, I'm sure," said the copper. "Let's go."

Breathing a sigh of relief, the wino said, "Thank goodness, I thought I was a cripple."

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