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Hotel Sveti NikolaTwo StarsTwo Stars Melnik, Bulgaria
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The Struma

The Struma or Strymó nas is a river in Bulgaria and Greece. Its ancient name was Strymon. Its catchment area is 10 800 km² . It takes its source from the Vitosha Mountain in Bulgaria, runs first westward, then southward, enters Greek territory at the Kula village and flows into the Aegean Sea, near Kavala in the Serres prefecture. The river's length is 415 km (of which 290 km in Bulgaria, making it the country's fifth longest).

The river valley is a coal-producing…

Fun Time

"Mommy, Mommy," a kid starts excitedly as he gets home, "I step on some lady's foot in the bus, and I apologised and she gave me candy!"

"Did you say thank you?" the mother asks.

"No way, I stepped on her other foot too."

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