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Chernija kos HotelThree StarsThree StarsThree Stars Ognyanovo, Bulgaria
Hotel Chernija kos - Ognyanovo, Bulgaria.

Guide to Bulgaria

Rodopi Mountains - sightseeing trip

We head from Plovdiv towards Chudnite mostove (The Wonderful Bridges). The Wonderful Bridges represent a unique nature phenomenon, consisting of two rocky bridges (height of 43 m) over a small river.

Then we'll visit the holy site with healing power Krustova Gora (Cross Forest), considered also one of the sanctuaries of Bulgaria. According to experts, the Cross Forest is one of the three places with a special energetic radiation in Bulgaria. According to the local history, a…

Fun Time

A head-on collision occurred between a man and a woman. Both emerged from the scene intact while their cars were totally demolished.

The woman said, "This is quite a predicament. We should drink a toast to celebrate this miracle."

The man replied, "What a great idea; I just happen to have a bottle with me." With this he handed it to the man.

The man downed half the bottle and handed it back. The woman would not take it back and said, "I think I will wait until after the police arrive to celebrate."

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