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Rehabilitation centre Ovcha mogilaTwo StarsTwo Stars Ovcha Mogila, Bulgaria
Ovcha mogila Rehabilitation centre

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Birdwatching in Bulgaria

Over the last years, Bulgaria has become a top birdwatching destination. The countrys crossroads location, the combination of Mediterranean and continental climate as well as the unspoiled environment all contribute to the unique biosphere, which is why bird lovers make Bulgaria their vacation place.

Over the last 15 years birding has really taken off in Bulgaria, but this is not really surprising when one considers the species that can be seen in…

Fun Time

Gandalf the Grey and Frodo are sitting in front of the fireplace. Gandalf throws the One Ring in the fire and then tells Frodo:

- Take the ring, Frodo. What do you see?
- Something's written on it!
- What is it?
- Made in China!
- Ah, that's what I feared.

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