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House KoralTwo StarsTwo Stars Sozopol, Bulgaria (guest house)
House Koral

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The Lednitsata Cave

The cave is near the village of Shiroka Luka. It is over 1, 400 m in length and is the fifth deepest cave in Bulgaria. An underground river flows through the cave bottom. For millions of years, underground forces have created wonderful cave formations. In order to reach the bottom, one has to pass 46 waterfalls. The name of the cave (Icy Cave) is related to an interesting natural phenomenon: in the summer, due to the circulating air, a huge ice stalactone grows in the first cave…

Fun Time

A psychiatrist was trying to comfort a new patient who was terribly upset. "You see, Doc," the patient explained, "my problem is that I like shoes much better than I like boots."

"Why, that's no problem," answered the doctor. "Most people like shoes better than boots."

The patient was thrilled, "That's neat, Doc. How do you like them, fried or scrambled?

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